Project Name
Fans Against Violence

Project Owner

Turkish Basketball Federation

Applied Institution / Program
European Union  / Erasmus + Sport

Working Area of The Project
Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey

Project will be Realized Between These Dates
01/01/2015 – 31/12/2016 (24 Months)

Project Beneficiaries

Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey Federations

General Aim Of The Project

The project aims to decrease the violence in basketball courts by increasing empathy, understanding and tolerance between basketball fans of different clubs, thus it provides higher values for basketball fans to meet in courts. So, the target group of the project is basketball fans.


Specific Aims Of The Project

To include tribune leaders to the development phase of the project.
To improve the dialogue between the fans.
To increase the number of women in tribunes.
To bring together different colours under the roof of basketball in “Common Tribunes”.
To build constructive dialogue between stakeholders.

Target Group
Basketball fans in Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey

Expected Outcomes of The Project

In the line with the positive impact of the project when it is completed, it is foreseen to apply the project in a wider scope in Europe, especially in the regions that have violence and hate in sports and basketball. Thus, the project will provide an environment to prevent fans who are prone to violence, to create a communication channel between fans and clubs which is more tolerant and healthier. Turkish Basketball Federation developed the project in this sensitivity frame. It is kept at the forefront to help decrease the growing trend towards violence in basketball and sports in needed countries and to make fans gained awareness about it.

Final Beneficiaries Of The Project

  • National Basketball Federations
  • National Leagues
  • Basketball Clubs
  • Related Stakeholders

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