Presidents’ Opinions


I have been closely following the FANS AGAINST VIOLENCE Project which is run by five prominent national basketball federations of Europe under the support of the Erasmus+ Sport program of the European Commission since its earliest beginning. Today, almost two years later, I am very happy to see how it is not only

achieving great results towards the very well specified Project goals, but how it is also creating a great example of successful cooperation of wider european platforms.
The intense competitiveness of sport together with its high capacity of penetrating different social platforms can sometimes create flashes of unwanted tension among followers and fans. Even though in different countries and somewhat different cultures, we all live within this common reality. It is important to protect our beloved sport from possible negative occurences in this respect, for which we definitely need a correct approach that can be effective – and what better approach can there be than the universal methods of our very well created Fans Against Violence Project: increase understanding, empathy, and dialogue among the fans in order to reduce violence…
I want to congratulate the very capable management teams running the Project in Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey, who have been working together for almost 2 years to achieve these impressive goals.

I am proud of the very positive awareness they have already achieved nationally and internationally with their quality work.
And most important of all, I want to heartily thank the fan groups from all the five countries for their committed participation and efforts in making this happen.”

Harun Erdenay

President of Turkish Basketball Federation




Croatian Basketball Federation is very grateful for the opportunity to participate in “Fans Against Violence” Project that is supported by Erasmus+Sport program of the European Commission.

Unfortunately, due to the high level of competitiveness combined with cultural, social and geographical differences sometimes we witness violence, intolerance and animosity that occurs in and around sport fields, gyms and arenas. Croatian Basketball Federation supports every activity that promotes true values of sport, fair play, tolerance and empathy between members of the basketball teams and most importantly fans.

During the implementation of the project tasks, an excellent cooperation has been established between Turkish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Croatian federations and fans of mentioned countries. The message of friendship that has been sent out to the public has made an enormous revenue for the sport because we have made most important first step towards the open dialogue and the reduction of violence between the fans.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank everybody involved into “Fans Against Violence” project for their hard work and devotion. I am sure the outcome of this project can be an example that together we can accomplish goals that are very hard to achieve alone.


Mr Željko Drakšić

Secretary General of Croatian Basketball Federation and member of Fiba Board



We are much honored to be part of the European project “Fans Against Violence” together with such a strong basketball nations like Turkey, Lithuania, Spain and Croatia.
I would like to thank to the Turkish Basketball Federation, the coordinator of the project for their professional attitude and innovative ideas.
Fans against violence is an unique project that gives an opportunity to the basketball fans to share their opinions, requirements and suggestions with regards to the interaction between the clubs, federation, the league and the fans.
For the first time at least in Bulgarian basketball the fans have active role and initiative in defining the reasons and the possible solutions for avoiding the violence in the basketball gyms.
The wonderful activities of the project that give the change to the fans of the different clubs and even different countries to meet, discuss and enjoy the time together provide some good opportunities for the fans to develop their understanding of the other side viewpoints and to realize how important is to support your team in a positive way.
I wish to our partners a great future seasons where top basketball quality, positive atmosphere and sportsmanship will prevail!

Georgi Glouckhov

President of Bulgarian Basketball Federation 


Ther are not so many problems with violence regarding Lithuanian Basketball Fans. Basketball in Lithuania is very popular, it is like our second religion. People love this sport and maybe that is the reason why we do not have many problems with our fans. Our traditional national fan tournament is a great example to Show how fans from different basketball clubs can play basketball all together. Of course, sometimes small actions with fans happens s oto work in prevention fort he future results are always important for us.

Speaking about the project i want to mention few things. First, it was an honor for LBF to organise fans international basketball tournament in Kaunas in May, 2016. The tournament was patterned by fans from 5 basketball countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania) who came not just to play but also to see and feel our huge basketball traditions. Second, the tournement in Lithuania, national and international meetings between different fans and all other actions in this project for sure increased understanding, emphaty and dialougue among the fans in order to reduce violence. It is difficult to calculate the result but sometimes even with small stone you brake a big Wall, most important to start…

I want to say only good things for every fan, for every participant and for all management teams from all 5 federations who are working in his project. You are doing a great job not just for yoursel but for all basketball as well.

Kind Regards,

Arvydas Romas Sabonis

President of LBF



One of the projects which has deeply interest myself in my very first days like Spanish Basketball Federation president is FANS AGAISNT VIOLENCE.

Under the umbrella of the European Commission and its programme Erasmus+, gives our five federations the chance of working together for a common goal and show up how important the cooperation between basketball institutions is nowadays to keep growing and improving.
We feel really proud of taking part in this project playing the role of the federation that has nearly accomplished the main target that is this entire project about. But we are also really thankful because we have the opportunity to know how it feels the passion for this sport on each culture and the values of each one. Starting from here and establish the respect as the main point, the dialogue with all the estates on each different countries bring us more closer to know the improvement fields and that in a near future we can decrease the risks of the violent actions on the basketball courts.
For this, the implications of all the fans groups that have been involved in all the activities being for the first time on the loop of the action and not like a passive subject is being very important and I want to thank you all for your cooperation.
In the end, the working groups of all the federations involved are doing a praiseworthy work and after 2 years of team work, we are sure that they will do an impact from this and they will achieve that the basketball keep growing up in order to be a better sport.

Jorge Garbajosa, 

FEB President