• Kick-Off Meeting in Istanbul



    Kick-Off Meeting was held in Istanbul in March 2015. It was hosted by the Turkish Basketball Federation as a coordinator partner. The partner federations attended the meeting. The kick off meeting was organized as the first activity of “Fans Against Violence” project partners between  9th and 10th of March, 2015 in Istanbul. The partner federations attended to the meeting which was hosted by The Turkish Basketball Federation as a coordinator. In the meeting “Fans Against Violence” project partner federations’ representatives have an exchange of ideas about the further steps of project’s such as fact finding conference, fan platform, common tribune & campaigns for fans, research activities, mobilities for fans, fan trainings and workshops, basketball festivals.

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  • Project Management Meeting in Brussels


    First meeting is carried out in Brussels for the projects that confirmed by the European Commission. In the meeting there were directors of the best 26 projects which accepted by Erasmus+ Sport Program and to represent Turkey Basketball Federation, Dr. Emir Turam took a part in the meeting. The meeting held by the European Commission for giving technical information about project management and reporting rules.

    The aim of the project is prevention of violence in Basketball by increasing empathy, dialog, understanding and tolerance between fans. The project is coordinated by Turkey Basketball Federation in collaboration with Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania and Spain Basketball Federations.

  • Second Administrative Meeting in Sofia


    ‘’Fans Against Violence’’ project’s second administrative meeting conducted in Sofia between 19th and 20th of October, 2015. Mr. Georgi Glushkov (The President of BBF) graced  FAV Project partners  with his presence.  The meeting’s participant list occurred by Eleonora Rangelova, Todor Kolev, Krasimira Petrova, Ivan Slavchev, Ivan Sandanski, Karolis Stirbys, Mercedes Coghen, Domagoj Simunovic, Dr. Emir Turam, Tuvana Denizci Tınaz.

    In the begging of the meeting representatives discussed the past steps of the project. They viewed and shared information about budgeting, reporting and documentations to each other. Afterwards representatives had discussed further steps of  ‘’Fans Against Violence’’ project and details of  International Mobilities which had been programmed in the Kick-Off  Meeting between Project’s Partners.

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  • Fact Finding Conference-Bulgaria


    The Fact Finding Conference organized in 15 July, 2015 at Sofia Triaditsa conference room. The Fact finding conference (FFC) was an informal face-to face meeting with attendance of stakeholders on a national level-Bulgarian Basketball Federation, National Basketball League, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Interior Affairs (Police), National Sports Academy, Basketball Clubs, Fan Clubs, Sports Media and sport’s school NGOs.

    The Fact Finding Conference was organized to analyze the current situation of fan violence in the country, to collect recommendations and proposals for the best organization of the project activities and to create an innovative approach to involve fans into the process. The participants have been divided into 4 sub-groups composed of 7-8 persons, representatives of different stakeholders. The guiding questions were presented to the participants on the screen. In every sub group, the highlights of the discussions were reported by 1/2 volunteers. Moderator of this session was Ivan Lilov, National team player and the star of BC Balkan Botevgrad, one of the Bulgarian teams with the biggest fan base.

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  • Fact Finding Conference-Spain


    On June 30th, the presentation of the project Fans Against Violence, set in the context of the European Union program “Erasmus Plus Sports 2014-2020”, took place in Madrid. 50 people attended the meeting including representatives of clubs, regional federations, Spanish Basketball Federation, players and associations, officials, Sports Council, the highest sports government institution, representatives of fan clubs and media.

    The Conference was organized to analyze the current situation and the causes of fan violence and also to create an innovative approach to involve fans into the process by the participation of the professional players, coaches, academicians and the representatives from Basketball Clubs, National Sport Directory, Governorship, law enforcement agencies.

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  • Fact Finding Conference-Turkey

    Within the scope of FAV project, a conference has been organized at Abdi Ipekçi Sports Hall Press Conference Room on July 23, 2015. During this conference, a situation analysis of Turkish basketball leagues was made and the opinions of different authorities under the basketball community were taken on the issue of preventing violence.

    A group of 20 persons comprised of the leading authorities in terms of basketball in Turkey joined the conference. Participants were divided into groups of 4 people and 6 discussion questions about social and ethic problems of basketball in Turkey.TBF officers one of whom were assigned to each group took notes about the discussions. Conference was recorded as a video from the beginning till the end.

    Within the scope of FAV project, another conference has been organized at Polat Renaissance Hotel on August 4th before the BSL draw. A group of 28 persons including the general managers of teams and members of press participated in the conference. Mrs.Tuvana Denizci Tinaz, Coordinator of FAV Project made a presentation explaining the project in detail to the participants. After the presentation, ideas and suggestions of the general managers of teams were taken.

  • Fact Finding Conference-Lithuania
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  • Study Visit- Madrid, Spain (5-8 February, 2015)


    Study Visit to Madrid is planned for 50 fan leaders from Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey between the 5th and 8th February, 2015.

    Besides watching Real Madrid-Estudiantes basketball game in Spain together with the hosting fan groups, they are also going to visit some of the fan groups and the Spanish Basketball Federation to talk about how Spain  overcame the problem of fan violence.

  • International 3x3 FAV Tournament- Kaunas, Lithuania (30 April - 3 May, 2016)



    The International 3×3 Fans Against Violence Tournament will be organized in Kaunas, Lithanuia in May, 2015.

    Winners and finalists of the 3×3 FAV National Tournaments (2 men and 2 women teams from each country) will attend the International 3×3 Fans Against Violence Tournament in Lithuania.

    During three days of  the tournament Bulgarian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Spanish and Turkish fan representatives will play 3×3 basketball matches with each other. National mix will be taken into consideration while creating the teams participating to the tournament which means a team cannot be composed of the players who are supporting the same team.

  • Observation Visit to European Universiade Games 2016- Zagreb, Croatia (12-15 July, 2016)



    50 fans that will be selected among students from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey will visit Croatia during the European Universiade Games in July, 2016.

    During four days of visit, the fan groups will come together with other fans and supporters from all over the world and internalize the main global values of sport such as friendship and tolerance.

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  • International Fan Platform- Sofia, Bulgaria (27-30 October, 2016)


    50 fan leaders, who are active in their National Fan Platforms, from partner countries will come together in Sofia in October, 2016.

    Fan Leaders will participate to a 3 days seminar about fan violence in basketball. They will have the chance to discuss the reasons and solutions with each other.

  • Final Conference- Istanbul, Turkey (December, 2016)


    10 fans from each of the partner countries will visit Turkey for the final conference in December, 2016.

    Besides watching a basketball game together, the Fans will also evaluate all phases of the project and impact of the campaigns and exchange the outcomes of the project in their countries.


    • For More Information

      In Fan Platform Meetings, representatives of clubs, regional federations, the Fans Against Violence Project’s partner federations, players and associations, officials, the highest sports government institution, representatives of fan clubs and media will be present.

      Fans Against Violence Project’s main goal is to improve the empathy and dialogue between steakholders. Therefore, the stakeholders will meet for 3 times throughuot the project in  every partner countries.

    • 1st Fan Platform in Turkey


      The First Fan Platform in Turkish Basketball History had been organized in December 23rd, 2015.

      In the platform;

      – 23 Fan Representatives

      – Super League Director, coaches, team managers, sports writers, TV Broadcasters, sports marketing professionals, referees and academicians

      come together and shared their ideas about violence in basketball and fan ban.

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    • 2nd Fan Platform in Turkey

      he 2nd Fan Platform in Turkish Basketball History had been organized in May 24th, 2016.
      In the platform 15 Fan Representatives had been come to Abdi İpekci Arena. The group of fan representatives come together with players, chief of police, coaches, team managers, sports writers, TV Broadcasters, sports marketing professionals, referees and academicians.

      The participants shared their ideas and solutions about violence in basketball, and evaluated Basketball Super League regular season from fans eye.

      Participant list of 2nd Fan Platform – Turkey