Fans Against Violence Has Chosen As Best Practice


The first “FAN” project of the Turkish Basketball History FANS AGAINST VIOLENCE was chosen as the best practice example by the European Commission in terms of values ​​of creation and success in implementation.

Projects that have been highly successful are being highlighted by the European Union for sharing experiences and for other projects to be exemplary and chosen as a best practice example.


The “Fans Against Violence” project, which the Turkish Basketball Federation applied for under the Erasmus + Sport program during the 2014 call for proposals, was supported with a score of 91.75. The Fans Against Violence Project
was the first and still the only project to be successful among all the applied Turkish projects and deemed financially supported by the European Commission.


Project Director Emir Turam; While it is already difficult for the European Commission to adopt the project when Turkey is not considered a member of the European Union and therefore the Fans Against Violence project is the only accepted project of our country, selecting the ‘Best Practice’ after successful projects gives prestige to our country. We are proud to compete with the projects of the European Union countries and leave them behind

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